Facts: Architecture, planning, landscape: blå arkitektur landskap ab blue architecture landscapes

The office started to do the public regulation works in autumn 2009. Construction started in 2011 and the project is supposed to be finished by 2013.

Housing in Strømmen, the municipality of Skedsmo. Along the small river of Sagdalselva. Housing in the sound of the water, rushing down towards Nitelva and Lillestrøm, just north of Oslo, Norway.

90 units, some as row houses, following the river, some more concentrated in block buildings up along the Sagdals road and a few studio apartments in the historical industrial building close to the waterfall.

In between the houses you find a hard surface connecting space for playing, pleasure and the few cars who needs to reach the individual houses, cars for moving furniture, ambulances and special transport. All parking are under the upper buildings. The main green area is situated by the waterfall with big wooden decks for party, dancing and barbeque. Between building groups playgrounds give space for people to relax, playing and sunbathing. Many apartmens has roof terraces overlooking the landscape in contact with the river and its trees, birds and the sound of the rapid.